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Brrrainz is a frenzied strategy game with a hint of adventure and all kinds of crazy in the middle.

The events in Brrrainz are unfolding in the vast expanses of mid-60s America, where people are drowning down can after delicious can of Happyness, but is this drink really that good?  Inspired by old zombie movies and games, Brrrainz combines strategy, adventure, and action. Easy to learn, but hard to master. Brrrainz stands out for its brilliant gameplay, humor,  quirkiness and a massive world to explore. You are in for quite the ride, my friend!

Classic zombie game- with a twist of blood-red sauce! A world where everyone is out for your congealed blood and want your rotting head on a spike. To survive you must skillfully avoid traps, be smart, use tactics, loot and improve your skills along your path to victory. While exploring the world, you will meet Freaks, faithful friends of Zombie kind. Trust them and together you may uncover the reasons behind the treacherous slaughters led by the mysterious Mr. Z.

Welcome to the world of Brrrainz where zombie is You!

Marketing Bone Throw:

  • Play as the Zombie! 
  • Humor and Pop culture references
  • You decide how to control the horde, Protect, Attack or Sneak into highly secured locations
  • Collect zombie Freaks with special abilities that give your horde new ways to fight and solve puzzles
  • Unique bosses, massive gameplay episodes, puzzles, and a huge stash of collectibles: DNA points, Freaks, Memories, Photographs and more
  • What do you get when you mix a dose of organic strategy, RPG elements and action adventure? A Dolby Digital adventure that's what!
  • New Adrenaline Mode
  • Estimated game length: 8 - 10+ hours


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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